North Shore unveils CNG-Powered Ambulance

Source: Long Island Business News

The North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System has a new ambulance to add to its fleet.
Why is this noteworthy? Because it’s the health system’s first powered by compressed natural gas.
“We’re definitely doing more,” said Paul Power said, the assistant director of operations for the system’s Center for Emergency Medical Services.  “When I buy vehicles now, I buy them with CNG-prep motors, so I have the ability to retrofit other vehicles.”

CNG-powered vehicles burn fuels at higher temperatures, leaving less refuse and pollution. They also run on gas that’s typically between $1 and $2 cheaper than diesel and gasoline prices.
Power said equipping ambulances for CNG adds $24,000 to an vehicle’s more than $100,000 price tag, but they can achieve a return on investment quickly.

While the system is looking to add more CNG-powered ambulances, North Shore-LIJ won’t convert all 90 of its fleet, because some travel far beyond their friendly, familiar fueling grounds.

January 23, 2013
Long Island Business News
North Shore-LIJ Unveils CNG-Powered Ambulance
by Claude Solnik