Town of Catskill Ambulance Service

Catskill, NY


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my long over due thanks and appreciation for all of the exceptional service your company has provided us, from Mike Collier in sales to Bill Smith in service and everyone else in between. Even though we are a small municipality, your staff has always treated us with the utmost of respect and have handled all of our problems in a most timely manner. The expression "you are only as strong as your weakest link", I believe to be an accurate statement, and your staff has shown that you have a very strong organization.

I would also like to single out Bill Smith and the tremendous job he has done personally, keeping our ambulances on the road and ready to respond. Bill's dedication and attention to detail is second to no one. Just recently while Bill was leaving on vacation with his family he took the time to stop by our station and fix an A/C problem we were having with one of our ambulances that the dealership couldn't diagnose. It is hard to put a price on a man who is willing to delay his vacation to ensure that the customer is satisfied and the problem is fixed. This type of dedication and service is hard to find now a day. NERV, Inc. understands that these ambulances need to be on the road and ready to respond to the publics emergencies and have proven over the years to be committed to not just making a sale but to ensuring that the customer service is priority one.

Please pass along my thanks to your staff and especially Bill for all his hard work. I look forward to continuing our relaitonship into the future. Keep up the great work.