Jackson Knowlton, Lakewood Fire Department

Lakewood, NY

Dear Tom,

Recently the Lakewood Fire Department had a Fire Prevention Week Open House at our Station and one of the day's activities was a "wet down" of the vehicles that we recently took delivery of from North Eastern Rescue Vehicles, Inc.

During the year 2005, we made trips to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex at Harrisburg, PA and the New York State Fire Chief's Show in Syracuse, NY to look at all the vendors who had these vehicles available. Sometimes after looking at so many options, and realizing that all of them claim that they will build you whatever you want, it becomes confusing.

After making contact with you, Tom, we began to realize that this was an organization that was based on service to the customer. You spent many evenings at our station going over very specific specs, photographing things on our old units that we wanted included in the new ones, and talking on the phone with your support staff and engineers to insure that things could be done before making promises. We appreciate all that you did for us to make sure we were happy with our order.

The mini-rescue, which we refer to as "Medic 37" is unique in our county and many area departments have expressed interest in looking into the puchase of one after seeing it. This truck is New York State Certified by the Department of Health and carries the same things as an ambulance would with the exception of the ability to transport patients. We use it for second EMS calls, the transport of EMT's and Paramedics to mutual aid calls outside the district and a variety of special operations such as traffic control and weather related storm emergencies. Recently it was deployed to Buffalo and Erie County, NY after an early season snow storm prarlyzed that area.

The ambulance, too, has proven to be a fine addition to our fleet. With the back up camera and the compartments built just like our last one, our medical personnel finds it very easy to work from, and the quality of Road Rescue has proved to be unsurpassed. Again we wish to express our sincere thanks for your hard work and continued service with respect to these two great vehicles!