2020 Crestline Ford CCL150 T-1 4X4 Unit#F20P-20162

Ambulance Status: Available for Immediate Delivery!

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Ambulance Manufacturer: Crestline

Ambulance Year: 2020

Ambulance Make: Ford F350 Super Duty 4X4

Ambulance Model: CCL 150" T-1 4X4

Ambulance Unit Number: F20P-20162

Work Order

2020 Crestline Ford CCL150 T-1 4X4


150"L X 96"W X 72"HR

  • Aluminum Extruded Body Construction
  • Multiplex Electrical System
  • Flush Mount Windows
  • CrestClean Antimicrobial Coating
  • Anti Theft Security System
  • Hidden front grille door unlock switch
  • Inside/Outside access in ALS Cabinet
  • LED Upgrades throughout
  • Two position squad bench with 6pt harness system
  • Safety Net at head of squad bench
  • Drug cabinet in ALS
  • CPR Seat with 6pt harness system
  • Child Safety Seat
  • Freedom Inverter
  • 15AMP Shoreline outlet
  • Lonplate II Flooring
  • Auxilary Condenser

Delivery Status: Unit is in stock