2019 Braun Ford T-1 Signature Series 150" Unit#7836

Ambulance Status: Available for Immediate Delivery!

YouTube Video:

Ambulance Manufacturer: Braun

Ambulance Year: 2019

Ambulance Make: Ford F350 4x4

Ambulance Model: Signature Series 150"

Ambulance Unit Number: 7836

Work Order/Line Drawings

2019 Braun Ford T-1 4X4 Signature Series 150"


150"L X 95"W X 68" HR

  • Telescoping, remote/heated mirrors
  • Weldon V-MUX electrical system
  • Pre-wired for inverter
  • 20AMP Super Auto Eject Shoreline
  • Seamless Module Body Construction
  • Rounded Interior Corners
  • Integrated Child Safety Seat
  • CPR Seat
  • Lonplate II Flooring
  • Safety Net at the head of the squad bench

All Braun products are available for delivery in all of Vermont and New York except for:  Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, Rockland and Westchester Counties

Delivery Status: Unit is in stock