2017 Demers Ford E450 GAS MX164 Unit#F17C-699

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Ambulance Status: Available for Immediate Delivery!

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Ambulance Manufacturer: Demers

Ambulance Year: 2017

Ambulance Make: Ford E450 GAS

Ambulance Model: MX 164"

Ambulance Unit Number: F17C-699

Work Order

2017 Demers Ford E450 GAS MX164

164"L X 95"W X 72"HR


  • Anti-theft with EcoSmart (idle reduction system)
  • Back Up Camera
  • All Aluminum Module
  • Stair Chair Holder
  • Freedom Power inverter with battery charger
  • Yellow 20AMP Kussmaul Super Auto Eject
  • CPR Seat
  • Integrated Glove Box Holders
  • Safety Net at head of squad bench
  • Lockable IV warmer compartment above als cabinet
  • Amber Traffic Advisor

Delivery Status: Unit is in stock