2019 Wheeled Coach Ford High Roof Transits Unit 428193

Ambulance Status: Available for Immediate Delivery!

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Ambulance Manufacturer: Wheeled Coach

Ambulance Year: 2019

Ambulance Make: Ford Transit

Ambulance Model: Transit High Roof

Ambulance Unit Number: 428193

Work Order

2019 Wheeled Coach Ford High Roof Transits

Unit#'s 428193

  • Tinted Windows on module doors
  • 2 Whelen LED Flashers on rear spoiler
  • Numerous Lighting Upgrades
  • Vanner Inverter
  • Unlock Switch on driver's side mirror
  • Camera in patient compartment
  • Transverse O2 Storage System
  • Integrated Glove Box Storage
  • Stair Chair Storage
  • Child Safety Seat
  • Loncoin II Flooring
  • Safety Net at head of the squad bench

Delivery Status: Unit is in stock